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When you work from home, it's tempting to plop yourself down on the sofa in your sweatpants. It seems comfortable but is anything but a good idea for your neck, back and the rest of your body. In addition, good ergonomics promotes mental and physical well-being and increases your productivity. So plenty of reasons to invest in ergonomic equipment, such as a second screen, a home office chair or a desk for the home office.

Choose an ergonomic desk for working from home

When working from home, we often sit at the kitchen table or on a dining room chair. This is not a good idea because a kitchen table is not height-adjustable and can cause neck and back pain. Besides, you can't work standing up at a dining room table either. This is a must, as alternating between sitting and standing improves circulation and ensures focus. So, choose an ergonomic sit-stand desk instead. So you can adjust the desk height to suit your height.

There are several types of sit-stand desks available. For example, there are desks with a hand crank that allows manual height adjustment. However, the most popular sit-stand desks are electric. They allow you to set the right height at the push of a button.

If your desk is not height-adjustable, opt for a sit-stand workstation. You adjust the workstation to the correct height, allowing you to work standing up.

Setting up your desk

Having chosen a desk for working from home, it's important to set it up properly. If your desk is set too low, you'll find yourself slumping in the chair. In turn, a desk that is set too high causes raised shoulders. Therefore, set the home office desk to the same height as the armrests of the office chair. Ensure there's a 90-degree angle between the upper and lower arms. If your arms are not supported, your shoulder and neck muscles will be strained.

Choose an adjustable office chair

An ergonomic office chair for working from home is a must. It improves your sitting posture and prevents neck and shoulder complaints. A good ergonomic office chair for your home office can be adjusted to suit your body. Some office chairs have more features than others. See if the office chair can be adjusted in these ways:

Seat height: You don't want to get injured sitting on the chair. The absolute minimum requirement is that you can adjust the chair to your height. Your legs should form a 90-degree angle. Make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Armrest: the ideal office chair must have short, adjustable armrests that you can adjust in height, width and depth.

Wheels: opt for an office chair with five wheels. If you choose fewer, you'll compromise on quality and stability.

Naturally, good ergonomic work equipment is one thing. But you should also keep moving regularly and not sit at your computer screen all day. So, take a 10-minute break every hour and change positions regularly.

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