Desk Cleanup Day 2024: 6 tips for a tidy desk

Bureau Opruimdag 2024: 6 tips voor een opgeruimd bureau

January 9 is Office Clean-up Day, a perfect opportunity for a fresh start into the new year with a clear and tidy desk. After all, a tidy desk means a tidy head. Discover 6 useful tips for a well-organized workplace by using the right storage accessories and office furniture.


1. Organize the desk with storage accessories

Use storage accessories such as drawer boxes and pen holders to keep small items organized to hold. This way you always have quick access to supplies without them taking over the workspace.


2. Create space with rolling blocks

Rolling blocks are an ideal addition to a tidy desk. They provide extra storage space for personal items, office materials or archive documents. Rolling blocks are compact and can easily be slid under the desk for a neat appearance.

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3. Minimize loose paperwork and documents on the desk

What often causes the biggest mess on a desk are loose papers and documents. So also use the Office Clean-up Day to minimize paperwork. Digitize documents if possible and archive important documents in a drawer or office cupboard. Our wide selection of office cabinets offers storage options to suit your style and needs.


4. Use cable ducts and cable gland caps

One of the quickest ways to achieve a tidy desk is to get rid of cables. Cable trays and cable grommets keep cables neatly organized and prevent clutter on your desk. This allows you to make optimal use of the space without distractions.

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5. Invest in monitor arms for a more spacious desk 

Do not place your monitor directly on the desk, but invest in monitor arms. Monitor arms provide an ergonomic setup and create extra space on your desk. Adjustable arm options make it easy to position the monitor at eye level, which stretches your neck and back


6. Clean your desk regularly

Make Desk Clean-up Day a regular habit. Schedule weekly or monthly tidying sessions to keep your desk organized. It's a small effort that pays off big time in the long run!

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Find the right office furniture and storage accessories for a tidy desk at Office-Interior

A tidy desk contributes to a productive working environment. At Office-Interior we understand the importance of a well-organized workplace. Discover our range of office furniture and accessories to furnish your office efficiently and stylishly. Make Office Clean-up Day the start of an orderly and successful working year!

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