Functional furniture for small offices

Functioneel meubilair voor kleine kantoren

Furnishing a small office can be a challenge, but with smart choices in furniture and layout you can create a functional and inspiring workspace, even in limited spaces. At Office Interior we understand the importance of efficiency and comfort, and that is why we are happy to share our small office design tips with functional furniture.

1. Compact desk solutions

Furnishing a small office all starts with the right desk. In a small office, it is essential to choose compact desk solutions that take up little space. Consider corner desks, folding desks or desks with built-in storage to keep your workspace organized. That way you can maximize your workspace without sacrificing functionality.

2. Choose a sit-stand desk

Consider purchasing a sit-stand desk. This allows you to easily alternate between sitting and standing, which is good for your back and general health. Working while standing can also increase productivity.


3. Office cabinets and vertical storage spaces


When setting up a workspace in a small office, make the most of vertical space by mounting office cabinets, shelves and storage systems to the walls. This saves floor space and keeps your small office organized. Wall mounting of furniture and storage systems gives your space a tidy appearance and makes efficient use of the available space.



4. Versatile office chairs and conference chairs

Good office chairs and conference chairs should of course not be missing in an office space. To save space in a small office, but still be able to sit comfortably, multifunctional office chairs and conference chairs are a good solution. By choosing office chairs on wheels that can also be used as conference chairs, you do not have to place extra chairs and you can roll the chairs directly from the desk to the meeting room. Or opt for stackable chairs, which offer flexibility when you need extra seating for meetings, but are easy to put away.


5. Organize meeting rooms optimally


Besides the desk, meeting furniture is an important aspect of any office, even if it is a small space. When setting up a small office, choose a compact conference table with folding or stackable conference chairs to save space when the meeting is over. This makes it possible to also use your small office as a meeting room, without permanently taking up a lot of space. In addition, you can make your meetings more productive with the right accessories, such as whiteboards or presentation materials.

6. Multifunctional office furniture


Finally, in our small office design tips: invest in office furniture that is multifunctional. For example, choose a desk with built-in storage space or a conference table with integrated cable management options. This minimizes clutter and provides a tidy appearance, even in a small space.

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At Office Interior we have a wide range of furniture that is specially designed for a small office. Contact us today and find out how we can transform your small office into an efficient and comfortable workplace. With the right choices in terms of furniture and layout, you can transform your small office into a productive and inspiring workplace.

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